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SIGN of the TIMES 2021년 1월
2021-08-31 16:15:10

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New Year, New Adventure

A Word from Ben Reed



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As I assume my new role with Times Microwave, I want to share
how proud I am of the opportunity to lead this organization into 2021. Our team has a renewed commitment to develop and grow in this continued challenging environment. We will do this by remaining focused on our core values. I’d like to share what they mean to me and how they will help us in 2021.

Times has a culture of “making it happen” and we hold ourselves accountable. In 2021, we will remain focused on being a reliable partner for our customers, growing our global presence to maintain resiliency and flexibility while supporting each unique geography; and continuing to deliver with improved productivity and quality standards.

Our team shares an entrepreneurial spirit that makes Times what it is today. It gives us the courage to make hard decisions and to learn along the way. This passion translates into product and business
development, both of which will ultimately allow us to continue to grow the company. The result is our customers’ frequent appreciation. For example – Lockheed Martin named Times Microwave Systems a Hero Supplier for our “exemplary contribution and involvement” in the F-35 Program.

We are a team of genuine people working hard to embrace and adopt many new requirements while keeping our factories producing and our channels of communication open. Our sales and engineering teams remain available and eager to talk with customers. In many instances, this means we are closer to our customers than ever before. For me, being genuine means being here for you. My role is to support and help this organization, and I want you to know that I am here for the Times team and our customers.



Intellectual curiosity is one of the traits separating Times from the pack and making us the industry leaders in RF/Microwave. At Times, we will continue to embrace and tackle the most challenging problems. We will introduce new products for current and new markets and expand our portfolio with new technology. We will also continue to drive the latest manufacturing techniques, new material technology, and innovative product design.

Finally, we succeed together as a result of our collaboration. We are proud to count the best people in the industry among us, empowered to do what they do best. Passionate, committed, genuine and dedicated teamwork guides us in everything we do here. Our team, partners, and customers are ultimately what makes this company great. Despite the challenges, we will face in 2021, let’s protect each other, stay safe and grow. Knowing the Times team embodies all of these characteristics, I am excited for the year ahead.


Ben Reed, General Manager, Times Microwave Systems 






New Year- New Products


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We never stop innovating at Times Microwave Systems, and already we have kicked off the new year with our first new product announcement of 2021 – our complete TCA solution for avionics applications, the only end-to-end RF interconnect solution for the aviation industry.


The TCA product line, including industry standard cables, modular connectors, tooling, and a pulling nose, improves installation efficiency, ensures optimal performance and improves safety. It features Times’ lightweight, low-loss, high-temperature, highly flexible TCA cable, ideal for meeting avionics’ critical electrical and mechanical performance requirements for applications including satellite communications, collision avoidance, navigation, and more. 


Read more here.







TCA Solutions

February 11, 2021, 2:00 PM ET


With a long history of delivering to the civil and military aviation communities, we understand our customers’ needs for reliability, quality, and delivery. As a result of decades of heritage, we designed a complete system of cables, connectors, tools, and accessories making installation easy and efficient—The TCA Solution.

In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges and requirements of airframe installations. From reduced inventory and FOD to installation time and cost savings, customers around the world have tested and approved thousands of TCA assemblies for many years and now we’ve improved this complete solution. 



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RF Interconnect Solution for Complex Antenna Installations

March 18, 2021, 2:00 PM ET


Airborne antennas must be mechanically secure in interference free locations and in areas where signals can be optimally received. Simple right? Not really. Often, these locations are in hard to access places, or exposed to extreme conditions. Then, these antennas must be electrically matched to the receiver and transmitter they serve to avoid distorted signals.

In this webinar we will outline options to ease your installation and save you money on antennas, maintenance costs and much more. 



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If you haven’t tuned in yet, you are missing out! Each new Reel Times vlog features our technical experts discussing new products, technologies, and the latest industry trends. Here are some of our favorites:



Fortune Telling


While we cannot give you the upcoming lottery numbers, one thing we can say for certain: great new products are coming. 



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In our next edition of Solution Times, we will discuss how an old family of products has stood the test of time. We will cover new applications, options and much more. Stay tuned. 



Rewind and re-watch


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Need a refresher on our previous webinar? Click below to watch it! 


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You Ask, We Answer




Q: Should I choose a solder-pin (TC) or a spring-finger (EZ) connector when terminating LMR or TCOM cable?

A: When working with LMR-Ultraflex or TCOM-Flexstrand which both have stranded center conductors, the solder-pin (TC) connector would be the way to go. However, when working with any of the other LMR or TCOM cables, we recommend the spring-finger (EZ) connectors. It eliminates the pin-core gap, potential melting of the foam dielectric, cold solder joints, excess solder, and flux residue, and other potential issues,

Our EZ pins are designed to maximize surface contact and minimize current density. The pins are made of BeCu which will provide strong spring force over the long haul. The EZ design makes up more than 75% of the LMR and TCOM connectors that we supply. In addition to eliminating so many variables that may impact performance, the EZ design is simply very easy to install. So much so that it can literally be done blindfolded.

Kevin Moyher, Product Manager


Have a question? Email us at techquestions@timesmicro.com



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