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A Word From Bill



In early October, I announced that I will assume a new role as Group General Manager for the Amphenol RF Optical and Broadband (ARFOB) division. Ben Reed, the current General Manager for Amphenol Fiber Systems will succeed me as the new Times Microwave Systems General Manager effective Jan 1, 2021. As we approach the new year, I am happy to let you know that I have already begun integrating Ben into the TMS business. These past weeks have been extremely productive, and I am more confident than ever that Ben is the right person to lead the business forward during this period of growth and advancing technology.


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As I reflect on my nearly 4 years with the company, I am very proud of what we have accomplished at Times. We have made substantial investments in our business, added several hundred team members, and strengthened all departments and functions. We have also expanded our facility infrastructure and increased capacity to support the company’s continued growth and expansion into international geographies that include Europe, India, and Asia-Pacific. Even in a challenging 2020, our operational performance has never been stronger. We have proven that Times is extraordinarily resilient and our entire team deserves the credit for that.


Ben and I will continue working together during and beyond the transition. I foresee many opportunities for collaboration between TMS and my new division and am excited to develop them with Ben’s help. I am confident that Times’ business will continue to expand and diversify into new markets.


Heading into the home stretch, let me say that I am extremely grateful to have served as GM for Times for the last 4 years. I am fortunate to have worked with such an incredible team – including industry heavy weights, many loyal and highly experienced professionals, and a growing new generation – all bringing the business to an even higher level. Every day I am impressed by what this team brings to the table and I cannot thank all of our customers, partners, and team members enough. When January comes, I will move to a different office in the same building at Amphenol Corporate HQ and look forward to seeing firsthand, all the exciting growth and technology advancement of Times Microwave for many years to come.




PT-047 Cables- The Next Generation


Our new PT-047 was originally designed to enable adventures in space — the final frontier. Here on earth, this ultra-flexible, small cable found its use in high-frequency medical, in-the-box, and board-to-board interconnects applications.



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The PT-047 cable is our smallest cable yet – 0.047" diameter. These lightweight cables are easy to install and work with any semi-rigid connectors. We flexed this cable over a million times to test its durability; it’s made to last, offering high performance and reliability with phase-stable dielectric so it works across wide-ranging temperature variations. 



Watch our episode of Reel Times: PT-047



There is Always Something New


At Times, we pride ourselves on solving customers' problems. Sometimes this means finding the right solutions among the thousands of offerings we have. Other times, it means going back to the white board to develop something unique. The result? An unmatched breadth of solutions — and new products. Here are a few of them...



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5GFlex™ 18 and 28 Assemblies


These durable, dependable and flexible, outdoor rated, general-use coaxial cable assemblies fit many 5G applications such as telecom networks, satellite communications and machine-to-machine controls. These IP67 rated assemblies have a small minimum bend radius, flexible polyurethane jacket. They’re made to last while providing reliable electrical performance. 


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FITS™ Field Installable Termination Systems 


Our new Field Installable Termination Systems pair our rugged LLSB™ cables, MIL-DTL-17 qualified connectors, and tools for an easy, reliable and solder-free field termination. The FITS saves time and cost on installation.  Available with our LLSB-240, 400 and 600 cables, the new FITS connectors and have assigned DLA part numbers. 


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New 1/2" Plenum RF Cable DAS Networks 


The LPA-500 LLPL air-dielectric corrugated cable is a low-loss, plenum listed (type CMP) coaxial cable, available now, offering excellent intermodulation performance. The new cable can be used as feedlines within buildings to support DAS, public safety communications systems, RF backbone interconnects within plenum airspaces, and more.


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5G Assemblies Available NOW!


When we say now, we mean it. You can easily purchase the high-performance RF complete assemblies below today, from Digi-Key and Mouser. 



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Built to last – LMR® high performance broadband, flexible, low-loss. coaxial cables provide 100% effective shielding and feature rugged UV, sunlight and weather resistance.  Our LMR® cables are in stock and available as pre-terminated assemblies.



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MaxGain® assemblies are high performance, ultra-low loss cables ideally suited for 5G high frequency applications. Available as complete assemblies with a wide variety of connector options, this light-weight cable is a reliable interconnect solution.




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모서리가 둥근 직사각형: Mouser


모서리가 둥근 직사각형: Digi-key


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Expanding Our Footprint




In October, we announced the opening of our new manufacturing facility in India, where we will produce high-end interconnect solutions for growing space flight, defense and telecommunications markets. The new location enhances our ability to provide low-cost manufacturing for customers in India and around the world, assuring continuous, uninterrupted supply of standard and custom products, including high-frequency transmission lines with rapid responsiveness. Along with our new facilities in the Netherlands and Estonia, this new plant expands our global commitment to excellence as the lead supplier of RF and microwave solutions worldwide.


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Read our complete press release here




Times for Healthcare



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We recently published an article in Microwave Journal on cable and connector technologies that power the healthcare industry of the future.  As the leader in RF interconnect solutions, we are thrilled to share our expertise and help shape the future of RF. 


Read the full article here





Getting Warmed Up


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In our upcoming webinar: Getting Warmed Up: The Secret to Coaxial Cable Solutions for Temperatures Above 200ºC, Mike Ellis, our Engineering Manager, explains the impact of temperature on a variety of materials and how to select the best coax assemblies for these applications. 

When: 12/03/2020 2:00 pm ET 


모서리가 둥근 직사각형: Register Today





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You Ask, We Answer




Q: What is Reel Times? 

A: Reel Times is our new digital vlog where we talk about all things RF. It is available on our YouTube channel. Have an idea for a topic? Email us at reeltimes@timesmicro.com

Joana Rodrigues, Marketing Manager


Have a question? Email us at techquestions@timesmicro.com



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