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Part IV: Communications



Our Times Microwave RF Basics series covers the most common use cases and how we design solutions for their different requirements. In this installment of RF Basics, we will discuss communications applications such as mobile/telecom, public mobile radio/ land mobile radio, satellite and military communications, and many more. All of these use cases require a signal to be carried from point A to point B to connect users with the communications infrastructure – without loss or interference. 

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Voice communications depend on maintaining a consistent signal, so the signal-to-noise ratio is a critical challenge; any degradation will cause the information to be lost.





Typical challenges in determining the optimal coaxial cables and connectors for these applications include signal-to-noise ratio, low loss, shielding against interference, and reliability with the 99.999% uptime required for telecommunications. 


Interested in learning more? Watch our on-demand webinar presented by Dave Kiesling, our Director of Commercial Sales, RF Applications: The Big Picture



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Get your LMR®-240 Kit



Our LMR®-240 line is a versatile, high-end performance broadband, flexible, low-loss RF coaxial cable that can be used virtually anywhere- indoors or outdoors. It is offered with a complete line of connectors and tools. 


But don't take our word for it. Order a FREE LMR®-240 kit. It comes with sample cables and connectors, as well as tools so you can terminate it yourself. 


Request your kit here

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Reliable Solutions for

Test and Measurement Applications



Test cables are critical to a wide and expanding range of industries, and every application has its own set of special requirements. In our next “Times Talks” webinar, John Muzzio, our Applications Engineer, will explain how technological advances across different industries drive demand for increasingly sophisticated RF test and measurement assemblies. 

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To learn about cost-effective, durable, high-performance test leads designed for use in a broad range of test and measurement applications, don’t miss our upcoming webinar, “Reliable Solutions for Test and Measurement Applications” on June 10, 2021, at 2:00 pm ET.


Register Now!


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Test and Measurement Solutions for 5G


In a production environment with many devices under test, there are a lot of stressors - motion, rough handling, and more. But they cannot impact the accuracy of your measurement. 


Reel Times: Test and Measurement for 5G applications

In our latest Reel Times, our Test and Measurement Application Engineer, John Muzzio discusses the need for stability in 5G testing cables. Watch it now!

High Performance Interconnect Solutions


Our MilTech® family
of hermetically sealed, flexible assemblies are optimized and qualified for commercial, military airborne and other demanding applications.


Find out which MilTech® size is right for you:

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Question and Answer

You Ask, We Answer


Q: Can the CST-240A prep tool be used to prep CST-240-LLPX?


A: For LMR-240-LLPX or FBT-240, we recommend the CST-240-PX tool. However, the CST-240A is a very versatile tool, perfect for LMR-240, LMR-240-DB, LMR-LW240. LMR-240-FR and LMR-240-MA. Currently, we have forty-six LMR-240 X series connector designs in our portfolio that are compatible with the CST-240A prep tool.


Kevin Moyher, Product Manager

Have a question? Email us at techquestions@timesmicro.com



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