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This month we will talk about the basics of RF, InstaBend™, and more!




   June 2021

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RF Basics - Test and Measurement Applications

Our RF Basics series covers the most common use cases and how to design solutions for different requirements. This month we will discuss Test and Measurement.

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These applications typically involve a device under test connected to a vector network analyzer (VNA), oscilloscope, or spectrum analyzer. This process may include the test cable assembly, cable, adapters, board-mounted connectors, switch matrices, rack interconnects, production level verification testing, bench level design activity and more.


Repeatability and reproducibility of measurements are key—it is critical to make sure the coaxial cable is not introducing uncertainty to the test. This includes ensuring amplitude (low loss) and phase stability. These test leads must be able to withstand extensive handling as they are connected and disconnected often. 

To learn more, watch our webinar on Test and Measurement


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Introducing InstaBend™



The new InstaBend™ high-performance microwave assemblies can be bent very closely behind the connector, minimizing footprint, saving space and simplifying cable routing. A perfect solution for interconnects between RF circuit boards, modules and enclosure panels and many in-the-box applications.


This new family of products is available at a dramatically reduced lead time compared to competing solutions. The high-performance microwave assemblies are available now in standard and custom configurations. Learn more here.



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Featured Articles



Our experts have been busy sharing perspectives with the RF world on emerging industry trends, from 5G to healthcare. Missed any of our recent articles? You can read them here.

5G Flex

Test and Measurement  in the World of 5G

RF-interconnect-solutions-1024x690 (1)

RF Interconnect Solution for Complex Antenna Installations 

MRI Machine

Cable and Connector  Power the Healthcare Applications



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Understanding the LMR 240 Kit


The LMR®-240 line is a versatile, high-end performance broadband, flexible, low-loss RF coaxial cable used virtually anywhere- indoors or outdoors. It is a complete solution including connectors and tools. 


Video Link

Check out our latest video in which Carrie Obedzinski and Kevin Moyher discuss the LMR 240 kit. 

Upcoming Webinar

Inside the box 


webinar 07-15-1

Inside-the-box require flexible and robust options that survive the demands of handling and routing in tight configurations while providing minimal footprint, low insertion loss and consistent phase stability.

July 15, 2021

02:00 PM ET


Register today



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You Ask, We Answer


Q: Do Times LMR connectors meet IP-67 sealing requirements?

 A: Yes, Times X and D series LMR® connectors meet IP-67 sealing requirements. All X and D series connectors have two protruding ribs on the back end to ensure a good seal to the back of the connector, whether using the adhesive-lined ATUM shrink boot or the molded WSB boot. Both boots engage with the ribs at the back of the connector to create an IP-67 rated seal.

 —Kevin Moyher, Product Manager



Have a question? Email us at techquestions@timesmicro.com


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