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SIGN of the TIMES 2020년7월 RF and the Future of Healthcare
2020-08-12 15:24:13

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Connected to Your Health



5G is enabling new and exciting technologies, and the medical industry is no exception. 

At Times, we have engineered numerous RF solutions to support our medical customers.


This month, we explore emerging medical trends and spotlight the groundbreaking technology Times is developing to tackle them.  


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5G: Building Smarter Hospitals


New technology is making the hospitals of the future a reality — today. Health care centers are using RF to track patients, test results, and equipment to improve the hospital experience.



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Our rugged and flexible in-building Riser/CMR (LMR-FR®) and Plenum/CMP (LMR-LLPX®) cables are suited to support these systems with seamless coverage. The world-class DAS solutions that we are known to support are ready to create networks able to transmit and receive life-critical data in real time. 





Solution Times: Working for a Healthier World



RF is a core technology powering life-saving procedures. Two popular treatments are Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) and Microwave Ablation (MWA); they both destroy abnormal cells with high precision. Fusing the human touch with the precision of robotic-assisted surgery, these technologies are  transforming health care.











RF and the Future of Health Care


Learn where RF/microwave technology stands in the modern medical industry with our  webinar, “RF and the Future of Health Care,” hosted by our Business Development Manager, Carrie Obedzinski. In this presentation we will explore current and future health-care applications expected to impact billions of patients over the next five years.




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