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SIGN of the TIMES 2020년 5G!
2020-06-01 11:59:18

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5G: We've got you covered — again!


The roaring speed of 5G will connect billions of new devices, facilitating far-flung technology previously only imagined in science fiction. Ultralow end-to-end latency signals will open the doors on haptic communication such as remote surgery, where world-class surgeons guide robotic arms through precision maneuvers from the other side of the globe.



To meet expectations, 5G needs to achieve higher throughput, lower latency, greater capacity, better uniformity, and complete mobility—at a lower cost to mobile operators.

Last month we explored how our space industry heritage provides the building blocks of 5G on the satellite front. This month, we show how our decades of experience with high-frequency interconnects for high-end defense and aerospace applications primed us to support the build-out of infrastructure in the growing 5G universe. 


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Cables That Move with the Demands of 5G Infrastructure


Anyone who has worked with corrugated cables knows the drill; a quick repair or reinstall can frustrate staff, but cracks and kinks tucked away in hard-to-reach, highly clustered configurations lead to significantly delayed project timelines and costly system failures. 



When flexibility and ruggedness are the leading priorities, TFT™ cables are the go-to cable for reliable installation in tight, confined configurations up to 6 GHz. The ultra-flexible construction of TFT™ lets you bend, knot, and contort the cable any way you need to route through tight enclosures. Even in tight spaces, TFT provides excellent dynamic PIM performance and ultra-stable phase and VSWR.





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Massive Bandwidth on a Massive Scale


As speeds increase, so does the demand for reliability. For decades, MaxGain® has delivered high-frequency signals and exceptional long-life performance paired with the lowest insertion loss available for advanced military and demanding airborne applications. Proven by the tens of thousands of assemblies in active duty, MaxGain® is ready to take on the challenges of bandwidth on a massive scale. 


On June 25, our team of experts will dissect the inner works of MaxGain®and the technology that makes it a perfect choice for 24-39 GHz 5G. 




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