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April News


Part III: High Power Applications



Our Times Microwave RF Basics series covers the most common use cases and how we design solutions for their different performance requirements and challenges. Last month we expanded on RF use cases for vision systems. In this installment of RF Basics, we will detail high-power applications. Stay tuned in the months ahead to learn more!

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There are a variety of applications in which an RF solution must balance the effects of high power with specific performance requirements. Selecting the best cable and connectors to offset the high-power effects requires an in-depth understanding and balancing of the tradeoffs involved. 


high power



Interested in learning more? Watch our on-demand webinar presented by Dave Slack, our Director of Engineering, “The Challenges of High Power in RF Applications.” 

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We’re Here for You

Reel Times: Security of Supplier

Times Microwave is expanding its global footprint to better serve international markets.


In our latest Reel Times video, David Kiesling, Director of Commercial Sales, explains how Times’ expansion benefits our clients around the world.


Watch it here



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RF Basics: The Big Picture

The five most common RF use cases that require coaxial cables and connectors include communications, data, vision systems, high power applications, and test and measurement. Each type has its individual characteristics and challenges.




In our next “Times Talks” webinar “RF Basics: The Big Picture” on May 13, 2021, at 2:00 pm ET, our Director of Commercial Sales, David Kiesling will discuss the fundamental differences between the five use cases from a big picture perspective. He will provide tips for selecting an optimal RF cable solution for the most demanding needs.


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Take your shot!


When I was a kid, I used to play basketball with my grandfather in our driveway. I still remember that whenever I would get close to the hoop, he would coach me to “take the shot!” The message was simple: to make a basket, I had to take the shot. Perhaps the most famous iteration of this simple wisdom is Wayne Gretzky’s statement: “you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take.”


Take your shot!

When it comes to COVID-19, the only way we’ll win is if we take the shot! Pun intended.


Ben Reed, General Manager

Knowledge Acknowledged

RF-interconnect-solutions-1024x690 (1)

Last month, Unmanned Systems Technology published a great article  by our Senior Applications Engineer, Dave Murray.

The article "RF Interconnect Solution for Complex Antenna Installations" showcases Times Microwave Systems' expertise in the industry. 


Well done. Dave!



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Question and Answer

You Ask, We Answer


Q: What defines the average (CW) power rating of a coaxial cable?


A: The power handling/rating of a coaxial cable is defined as the maximum power that can be transmitted without exceeding the maximum rated temperature of the cable dielectric. This power level is typically based on an ambient temperature of 25 degrees C, a VSWR of 1.0:1, sea level, and dry air. The CW power rating of a cable is a function of frequency.


Kevin Moyher, Product Manager



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