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SIGN of the TIMES 2021년 8월
2021-08-31 15:51:45

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    ISSUE 18
August 2021

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New Product: Clarity™ 70

Our new Clarity™ 70 test cable is designed to accommodate the higher frequencies required for automotive systems, 5G, and other advanced testing. It is ultra-stable through 70 GHz with exceptionally low attenuation, and boasts steel torque, crush and overbend protection with abrasion resistance, without compromising flexibility. The design includes an ergonomic, stainless steel protective barrel strain relief and a hex coupling nut.

Clarity 70

Download the Clarity™ Datasheet



Clarity 70 in Action: Automotive Components Testing

Being able to test visual and radar-based automotive sensor systems such as autonomous vehicle systems, collision avoidance, and automated braking can be a challenge. In the case of components operating at fundamental frequencies of 18 GHz, 22-28 GHz, and 33 GHz, it is necessary to characterize them at the second and third harmonic frequencies. This often lands at the 67 GHz range. 


Automotive Sensor Frequencies

For the test setup, Clarity 70 becomes a key component in producing accurate measurements due to its ability to make precision connections to both the VNA and DUT, and excellent stability with flexure.


To learn more, read our latest article on MPD magazine


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Featured Article

Our experts have been busy sharing perspectives with the RF world on emerging industry trends, from 5G to healthcare. Check out our newest article in Test and Measurement Tips magazine.

Clarity 70 LinkedIn

Test and measurement connections in the world of 5G

Connectors and cabling can be as important as the test instruments used to check out systems operating in the 5G realm.


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 Product Spotlight – Telecom Solutions


Telecom systems need RF performance, low PIM, and good shielding to meet the industry goals for performance. In many cases, these systems must be
retrofitted in the available space, which may require component densification and ease of installation. Check out our complete line of easy-to-install assemblies for telecom:



SPO/SPF Cable Assemblies


  • Excellent shielding
  • Low loss up to 5.8GHz
  • <-160dBc PIM performance
  • SPF: Indoors Riser rated (CMR)
  • SPO: Outdoors


SPP-LLPL Cable Assemblies


  • Excellent shielding (>100dB)
  • Low loss up to 5.8GHz
  • <-160dBc PIM performance
  • High temperature up to 200°
  • Indoor Plenum: UL listed




TFT-5G Cable Assemblies


  • Extremely flexible 
  • Excellent shielding (>100dB)
  • Low loss up to 5.8GHz
  • <-160dBc PIM performance
  • High temperature up to 150°
  • Indoor Plenum: UL listed


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August Webinar: on Demand


Our latest Times Talks webinar covered our telecom products including our field-terminated, 1/2" low-loss, in-building option. The LPA-500 is UL listed, plenum rated (CMP), and designed for temperatures up to 150°. Check out our latest video for the LPA-500-LLPL termination.


LPA-500-LLPL Cables and Connectors


Termination of LPA Cables

Click here to watch the full webinar on-demand. 



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You Ask, We Answer


Q. What connectors are available with the Clarity 70?

The new Clarity 70 test leads come standard with 1.85mm connectors. These connectors are designed
to handle frequencies to 70 GHz and the rigors of testing. There are three 1.85mm connector types,
male, female, and ruggedized female for use with vector network analyzers.   

 —John Muzzio, Product Manager



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